Averheim, capitol of the Grand County of Averland, is one of the largest (population 25000) and wealthiest cities in the Empire. It is also amongst the eldest.

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The city centre is positioned on a rocky bluff that overlooks the River Aver. This elevated position gives the Averburg Palace a commanding view, and protects most of the city when the Aver busts its banks, which is a common occurrence. The outskirts of the city have spread beyond the bluff over recent years, and there is even a settlement on the north side of the river.

Next to the palace is the Plenzerplatz , a large market square that often hosts feasts and festivals. Most of these are small affairs, markets and exhibitions catering to the locals, although Averheims annual wine festival attracts connoisseurs from all over the Empire.

Averheims economy hinges on the cattle trade. It has an extensive Dockland Area from which leather goods, hides, preserves meats and livestock are distributed throughout the Empire and beyond. The city is infamous for its noisy slaughter houses and the stench of its tanneries. In addition to its cattle based exports Averheim produces some of the finest horses in the old world, which it regularly exports through Black Fire Pass to the Border Kingdoms.

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