Overview of the Old World

The Old World

The Old world is a vast and dangerous place, the Empire is one nation within that world and will be the main location of this campaign.

The Empire is a vast country made up of individual duchies, counties and baronies, many of them big enough to be considered countries in their own right.

The Empire is flanked by great mountains to the east south and west, which prevent many monsters from spilling in to the heartlands to wreak havoc upon the folk of the empire.

To the north east sits the kingdom of Kislev, a frozen land which is regularly raided by Norscans and the forces of Chaos.

To the north west is the Wasteland, originally called Westerland it was once part of the Empire and achieved independence through bribing a corrupt Emperor, 300 years ago. Its capitol Marrienburg is the richest city in the world.

To the west though mountain passes lye the Kingdoms of Brettonia an arrogant breed of peoples fond of chivalry and showing off, and Estalia a kingsom of layabouts and where every task is greeted with ‘mana yana’ which apparently means not right now I havent finished snoozing in the afternoon sun.

Nestled between brettonia and the Empire sits the wood elven kingdom of Athel Loren, humans are politely asked to leave, or shot. Dwarves are shot then asked to leave.

To the south are the kingdoms of Tilea and the Border Princes. Tilea has rocky coastal landscape with many independent city states, with no Emperor to guide them this nation finds itself constantly at war with its neighbours. The Border Princes are a collection of little more that robber kings with ideas above their station, most are little more than vagabonds and cut-throats.

That about covers the Old World, to the east of the empire lays a wasteland of goblinoid, ogre and even giant tribes with the occasional fortified settlement. Further east still are the mythical lands of Ind, Cathay and Nippon. These cultures are little understood but they are all short as twelve year olds and would just as soon sell your grandmother as look at you.

To the south of the Old World are the kingdoms of Araby and the Tomb Kings. Araby is a land dominated by dark skinned peoples who survive on the edge of the great desert in which the ancient undead tomb kings are the eternal rulers of their fallen kingdoms. Further south still are the south lands inhabited by savage orc and goblin tribes. Many of their tribes make their homes in ancient ruins which hides forgotten treasure of an age long gone.

Across the great sea, is Ulthuann the home of the High Elves, they live in a perpetual war with Dark Elves who still have a foot hold on the island. Further west still is Naggorath the home of Dark Elves, a twisted land warped by the darkness of their inhabitants souls.

To the south of Naggorath is the land of Lustria, a jungle of immense proportion inhabited by lizards who stand upright and have the ability to speak. Many expeditions have sought to free these lizard men from the gold which weighs their souls down, such is the volume of the stuff in the place.

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Overview of the Old World

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