The Empire

The Empire is the greatest of the nations of the Old World, made up from ancient counties and duchies…


Originally there were twelve provinces, but Westerland became the Wasteland and became independent a few hundred years ago. The province of Sylvania was subsumed into Stirland just over 500 years ago after the vampire count Vlad was finally destroyed, the region is still desolate and eerie place to this day.

These ten provinces form the empire which is ruled by Emperor Karl-Franz of Altdorf. The Emperor is a capable and determined leader of the Empire, he is in his early 40’s and as yet is unmarried and has no apparent heir to the duchy of the Reikland. This fact alone causes some concern, Reikland needs an heir, successions are a messy business but without an heir to the Duchy of Reikland things become even more tumultuous.

The Empire has existed for over 2500 years since the time of Sigmar. The Hammer as he is known became a god after uniting the duchies and counties of the empire to drive away the greenskins who threatened to destroy mankind.

After his accession to godhood the empire fragmented as nobles fought one another for century upon century. This was stopped by Marius the Pious who united the disparate dukes and counts under one banner to repel the great chaos invasion, as part of this he also courted the high elves to share their knowledge of magic, and create the colleges of magic as we know them today. The use of this magic was key in the Empires ultimate victory.

SIgmar and Marius are synonymous with the empire founder and patron saint, gods and hero they are all these things respectively.

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The Empire

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